Sponsoring the ShapeUp with Shaumba Walk to STOMP OUT Child OBESITY will allow people to see that your organization is invested in saving our children. Sponsoring this walk will show our communities and the surrounding communities that you are committed to healing young people and help you gain recognition from families. 

Becoming a Sponsor for this walk would bring many benefits to your organization including the following (depending on sponsorship level):

     > A display at the event

     > Your company logo on the t-shirts

     > Inclusion in all of our marketing materials including radio and television.

     > Logo placement on advertisements, the event’s website, signs, banners, posters

        and postcards distributed and displayed in businesses and civic locations

        throughout the Walk’s surrounding area.

     > Exclusive representation in a particular business sector

     > A table at the event to market products/services

     > Public acknowledgement in presentations about the Walk

     > Onsite signage

Stay tuned for more information.